Hormonoscope is an educational service for cycling women and people with ovaries. Don't you wish we'd learned more about female hormones in school? Sadly, this education is still not mainstream; our mission is to spread the word, one menstruator at a time.



We need to start working with our bodies, and not against them.


Do you ever wonder WHY society is structured the way it is?


Every day, the same things expected of you with very little time to rest, feel, or be...


Our world is greatly dominated by the 'masculine' linear way. The male hormonal cycle is reset every 24 hours, making it primed for 9-5's and M-F. The FEMALE hormonal cycle is a 28-day average rhythm in which energy, mood, and mindset varies greatly from week to week. Learning how to lean in to this rhythm despite our modern world challenges will change your life.


 is a weekly text program curated to teaching you the in's and out's of your hormonal cycle. We break information down in to bite sized chunks so you can learn simply.

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Upon sign-up, you'll enter the date of your last period to help us figure out where you are in your cycle.

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You'll receive texts with...recipes, work-outs, journal prompts, mindset motivation, hormone health info, moon phase alerts, and more...

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Hormonoscope is a cycle-focused text club and community. Our mission is to empower menstruators across the world to take the power of the cyclical rhythm in to their own hands. We believe nature is wise and that each month's bleed is a reminder of our innate power. We seek to end the stigma and rewire the thinking around periods. Hormonoscope is a space for all people with ovaries. 


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Each quarter we read a new book and host book club in The Hormonoscope Network. Members can submit book recommendations and be part of virtual monthly book club hangs. We're currently reading "This Is Your Brain on Birth Control"