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Do you ever stop and wonder why the American society is structured the way it is?


Every day, the same things expected of you with very little time to rest, feel, or be...


Our society is structured linearly.


If you're a female, you've likely felt, at times, like you don't belong.

Health issues ignored, and life continues pushing you to the brink of burnout.



"It's our lifestyles that are counter to hormone balance, not the other way around."

-Jennifer Foege

Functional Nutritionist, Women's Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner & Teacher

Tap in with your cycle:

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What To Expect:


Upon sign-up, you'll tell us what phase you're in to help us figure out if you are on a Red, White, Pink or Purple Moon Cycle.

To tap in to your own cyclical rhythm?

Unlock the superpower that is our menstrual cycle?

To FEEL BETTER every month?


Your texts will then be synced to your cycle.


You'll receive messages with recipes, work-outs, journal prompts, mindset motivation, hormone health info, moon phase alerts, musical mediations and more...

Members report feeling a deeper understanding of their body and cyclical rhythms. Tracking your cycle is a huge step in to greater self acceptance and self-love. It will also help you identify any #PeriodProblems.

Dealing with imbalance?

You are not alone. Over 20 million US women suffer from Menstrual Disorders.

We specialize in helping you build a "village", aka your wellness team.

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Why? Why do we feel this way...


Darling, female hormones, and thus, females... are cyclical.

You're like a round peg in a square hole.


Sadly, despite the fact that they effect everything in our world, hormone education is not mainstream.

Our mission is to spread the word, one menstruator at a time.

We need to start working with our bodies, and not against them.


Hormonoscope exists to bridge the gap of cultural understanding.
We teach females how to live cyclically through the lens of nature's wisdom.

Honoring periods of rest, initiation, growth, and harvest.
Which we also see
mimicked in the monthly female hormonal cycle.

Why fight the linear way?
Women are feeling unrest. Millions suffer from life-disruptive menstrual issues monthly, if not weekly or daily. That's not okay.
Our higher self said we deserve better.
The call to live cyclically comes from a primal place of wisdom, and inner strength.

It is time to release cultural conditioning and embrace our womb cycles fully.
Doing this will heal us in body, mind, and spirit.

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Hormonoscope is a cycle-focused text subscription and community. Our mission is to empower through education.


We believe nature is wise and that being in tune with your monthly hormonal rhythm is the ultimate expression of self-love, and self-care.

We seek to end the stigma and

rewire the thinking around periods.


Hormonoscope is a space for all people with ovaries. 


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Each quarter we read a new book and host book club in The Hormonoscope Network. Members can submit book recommendations and be part of virtual monthly book club hangs. We're currently reading "This Is Your Brain on Birth Control"


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