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Hi, I'm Christina, the founder of Hormonoscope! Part of your Hormonoscope subscription includes access to a private group community. I believe that being seen and feeling like you are not alone is a hugely important aspect of this journey we call life. That is why I made sure to have a community of deeper content and connection attached to your cycle education. If you've already signed up for Hormonoscope texts and are looking for the link to join the group, click the button below.

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My Story

I was your average 16 year old struggling with heavy cramping, acne, and other PMS. I was prescribed the birth control pill and I had no understanding of how it worked or would affect my body long term. After 9 years of pill use, I decided to give my body a break to see if it made a difference. I was shocked to find how differently I felt and it became clear to me that I was becoming a completely different person post-pill. Once I read the book This Is Your Brain On Birth Control by Dr. Sarah E. Hill, I realized that my feelings were absolutely backed in science. I became scarily aware of how little medical research has actually been done on female subjects thus creating an extreme gap in knowledge around the subject.


This sparked a passion in me to take back control of my body, and through living, eating, and working in tune with my menstrual cycle over the past year, I have nearly eliminated all of my PMS symptoms. I can truly say I feel the best I have ever felt.


I consider myself to be a spiritual person, so the concept of communing with nature and my biological rhythm to unlock my highest potential was the juiciest information I could find. In Indigenous teachings, our menstrual phase is also called our moon time. It has always been revered as a time of deep self reflection and a call to rest. To me, nothing makes more sense than adopting this ancient and wise practice. The books The Heroine's Journey by Maureen Murdock and In The Flo by Alisa Vitti have had a massive impact on my journey and shaped my outlook on this world of true women's empowerment through education and bodily awareness. I've always been incredibly sensitive and empathic; growing up with a sister with severe disabilities made me very aware of what it's like to feel different or alone. As a natural educator and entrepreneur, I quickly turned to sharing my knowledge with others facing similar struggles, and thus Hormonoscope was born. Everything I have achieved thus far in life has been thanks to kind souls I've communed with along the way, and therefore I am very conscious of passing good energy on and lifting up all people on their unique journeys.


On an average day, you can find me walking around barefoot in my backyard, though the Gemini Rising in me loves a good reason to dress up and show out. I'm the granddaughter of Greek immigrants and half Italian too, so food is actually my first language. I was born and raised in Rochester NY; I love my hometown however I'm always looking to escape to the beach especially in the cooler weather. I am a Capricorn sun and an Aquarius moon; stick with me and we'll go far together!

Full Moon


If you're interested in talking to me one on one, join The Hormonoscope Network and we can easily private message with each other. I also offer hourly customized coaching calls, and a voice support subscription.