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Photo credits: Christina Kostar

The Hormonoscope was born in 2021 from a glaring gap in education around the menstrual cycle. If only we could count the times we've heard, "I can't believe no one ever taught me about this stuff." It is true, it is entirely common for a woman to walk through life and be lacking the proper knowledge around her own body. It isn't a requirement, or an offered elective. 

Fortunately, we see that changing. The field of women's health and understanding the cyclical rhythm of life is steadily growing. We are here to provide simple, easy to understand tips that ultimately help you learn about your cycle. A mindset shift occurs when women realize, YES, feeling tired and wanting to hibernate during your period is normal. No, PMS isn't a curse you must go on the pill to fix. There are solutions out there, and if you want to dive deep and understand your cycle, we're here to make that a reality. 

We welcome anyone looking to learn about the Menstrual Cycle and a more cyclical way of life to join Hormonoscope. Whether you're a person with ovaries, or someone who identifies as woman. All are welcome!


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