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Your journey home...

I've been where you sit.

Confused, lost, believing in something better but not yet seeing it.

Oppression, however subtle or overt, looks like becoming detached from our bodies, then losing touch with the very thing that makes life meaningful: our heart.


Operating from this place is a grey, numb experience. Every day the same as we find ways to escape and attempt to avoid facing how far off track we feel. We look at ourselves, and wonder: 

"Wasn't it all supposed to be more beautiful than this?"    

-Glennon Doyle, Untamed 

If you relate... it's time to reclaim the life you were made for.


Your passions... your desires; the things that make your heart feel like it could burst and your womb space light up with joy... those are all clues about the path awaiting you.

Christina Kostar
Hormonoscope Founder & Certified WHHHP

The story is yours to write.

But there's no extra reward in going it alone.

I sat in my doctor's office year after year, seeking answers, but never getting any.


I know how crushing it feels to be told you're fine when you're definitely not fine.


I had a dream of healing my hormones. What I did not know was that it would change my entire life, my relationship to my body, and initiate me in to my most purposeful life. 

Are you ready to walk YOUR path?

I offer myself in service to support your journey.


Our work together starts at identifying imbalance.


We will...


  • Discuss and take stock of your past and current health picture far deeper than you are used to at your routine OBGYN visits, then discuss any potential markers of imbalance.

  • Go in depth into areas of sleep, stress, mindset, movement, and diet to assess where to focus.

  • Set goals and create a lifestyle action plan to achieve better, lasting health.

As a certified Women's Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner, I have the knowledge to walk you through an assessment; we'll use a Holistic lens to see where the root of imbalance may lie.


We will move forward with the connections made to create a customized Holistic wellness plan, using lifestyle medicine and incremental habit shift techniques.

I specialize in caring for women who are making the shift off of hormonal birth control, and are seeking options to manage or enhance their fertility.

"I'm accepting the challenge to approach my life as the greatest art I will ever create.

thoughts and words are the paint, and my feelings and actions are the brush.
-Toni Jones, Affirmation Artist

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I offer support 'as needed'...

Book a Personal Education Session. Topics welcomed:

  • Questions about integrating plant medicine in to your wellness journey; microdosing, sourcing the correct products for you, and nervous system healing

  • Assistance with reading labels, determining the efficacy of supplements you're taking, or "quick fix"-ing your current routine.

  • Going deeper with a specific ailment; example. you know you are struggling with PCOS and would like to discuss it with a knowledgeable practitioner.

  • Support for building your Sovereignty; are you struggling in a family or friendship dynamic? A pattern you can't seem to shake from imprinting in your life over and over again? I will provide support and resources to kickstart your growth.

  • All PES include a month's subscription to Hormonoscope IF applicable.


1:1 Hormone Healing Journey
              (Ongoing support)


A typical client journey:


Month 1: We will go over a full hormone health assessment, and work to identify any areas of imbalance.

We will discuss your lifestyle openly, and make connections to any symptoms.

Together, we will develop a lifestyle action plan (LAP) custom to you and I'll share additional resources to assist with your real life implementation.

Months 2-3: We will continue expanding on the areas we've highlighted, and troubleshoot the program as needed. You will start to see shifts in your mood, energy, and mindset. 

Months 4-5: We will assess progress and see where improvements have occurred. We will discuss adding other providers in to your wellness plan, pursue testing if needed, and continue to dig deep in to you feeling better.

As time goes on, the story continues. I will walk with you for as long as serves your needs.

I promise you will walk away feeling more empowered at every turn,

Things to note...

  • 1:1 work with me is highly personal. We will check in every week, and I will constantly be researching and pulling information to take you deeper into wellness. Please be ready for this transformative type of accountability when contacting me.

  • I incorporate wisdom learned from master life coaches, herbalists, doctors, functional medicine experts, yogic intimacy, Ayurveda, entrepreneurship, my relationship to God and Goddess, and my lived experience with walking this path.

At the core, our goal is creating a mindset of self-trust, and self-love. Only then can we truly bring the body out of dis-ease.

I know this work is life-changing because I've lived it, and I am currently living it. 

Get the ball rolling!

I intend to offer a group coaching program in the near future. Please fill in the below form if this is of interest to you. More demand = more urgency on my end to prepare. Additionally, I teach cooking lessons. Submit an inquiry below.

Cyclical Eating Experience

A support option for women in all walks of life

This is where it's time to examine your relationship to food.

How are you already eating?
What fuels you, and brings you joy?

I will teach you a valuable skill; how to prepare hormonally supportive and seasonally appropriate meals you can recreate over and over.

Anchor 1

In 2030, diabetes is predicted to be the 7th leading cause of death in the US.

The weight-loss industry promises the tune of being valued at over $$$190 billion dollars in 2019...

Anxiety and depression grow more common than ever and yet... there is hope




Food. It is either medicine, or poison, depending on how you use it.

These days, it is not uncommon for us to have forgotten the ancestral skills of preparing our own foods.

It's almost certain that you were never taught about how to support your hormones with food. I want to bridge that gap together.

I have eliminated my own Pre-Menstrual Symptoms and enjoy pain-free cycles. I am healing my body through the foods I eat each day, and I know this is possible for you too.


Thanks to the practice of Cycle Syncing, I have been able to support my body post long term birth control and reverse a Menstrual Disorder post-copper IUD.

Again, our aim is to promote balance.

In a balanced state, the body releases weight without restriction or fear.

Together, we will break out of negative patterns with a positive mindset shift; not a diet, or fad.

During our time together, I will show you how to make beautiful meals you enjoy that are full of clean ingredients that boost your overall wellness. Once our experience ends, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of cyclical eating and meeting your body's needs for each season.

1:1 Cooking Lessons:

  • We'll talk and go over your unique needs in a 60 minute call or voice notes.

  • I create a customized menu based on food preferences and where you are in your Moon Cycle

  • Groceries - I will source all of the ingredients needed to create your menu.

  • In-home meal preparation / cooking demo. Plan for around 3 hours together.

  • Leftovers - food to enjoy all week.

(let's eat)

  • Who is Hormonoscope for?
    Hormonoscope is for anyone who wishes to learn about the female ovarian cycle, however it's designed as a group learning experience for menstruating people to get in tune with their unique bodily rhythms. The recommended age to sign up is at least 16.
  • How does a Hormonoscope subscription work?
    Every month, your subscription payment will process on your billing date. Should you wish to cancel, you can do so via the email you received when you originally signed up. It will take you to the members area where you can manage your subscription plan. Membership includes your Hormonoscope, a weekly text message plan designed to teach you how to get in sync with your cycle through the food you eat, mindset you carry, and movement you engage in (and much more)
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes you may, there is no commitment to join. Upon the expiration of your subscription, you'll stop receiving our weekly texts.
  • I'm on birth control, is this right for me?
    Know that if your natural cycle is disrupted by the presence of artificial hormones, you won't be experiencing the 4 distinct hormonal shifts AKA phases on a biological level. However, you can adopt a cyclical mindset and incorporate the healthy lifestyle content we share either in preparation for a transition off of the pill, or simply as a way to become more in tune with nature and your body despite. We have an entire course based around birth control use and how to safely transition off the pill, if you are interested in gaining access to that please email
  • I don't bleed. What does it mean to flow with the moon's phases?
    If you no longer bleed but like the idea of living cyclically, one way to begin would be to select which phase of the moon you want to represent your bleed phase (AKA winter) and then the opposite phase would represent your ovulation (AKA summer). For example, if you choose to make the full moon your bleed phase, the new moon would be your ovulatory phase. You would then lean in to the energies of each phase and the lifestyle shifts, using the moon's phases to guide your own. In Hormonoscope, you'll become more empowered with this knowledge and get text reminders on a weekly basis to help you go deeper. To learn more about linking your cycle to the moon, read about the red and white moon cycles here:
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