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At Hormonoscope, we believe that being seen and feeling like you are not alone is a hugely important aspect of this journey we call life. That is why we have a community of deeper content and connection attached to your cycle education.


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Your Hormonoscope is a weekly text service where you receive 4 messages each week based on where you are in your Menstrual Cycle. Designed for busy lifestyles, t's a great way to learn Cycle Syncing without a huge time commitment.

Where I go in my dreams..

I love Astrology. My Big Three are Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Gemini Rising.


Basically, I'm a logical, opportunity seeker with a humanitarian heart who loves to be social and lift others up.

Meet the Founder

I was your average 16 year old struggling with heavy cramping, acne, and other PMS. I was prescribed the birth control pill and I had no understanding of how it worked or would affect my body long term. After 8 consistent years of pill use, I decided to give my body a break to see if it made a difference. About a year later, I was shocked to find that I was becoming a completely different person post-pill. My feelings were validated by the research-backed book This Is Your Brain On Birth Control by Dr. Sarah E. Hill. Since then, I've been obsessed with learning the links between hormone health and mental / physical health.


I don't see enough people talking about how to reclaim our bodies wisdom, and that is what we all need. My goal is to bring awareness to this gap, and reclaim the 'feminine' principle of Yin; our culture's disconnect from it only perpetuates harm.

Ovaries follow the moon. In Indigenous teachings, our bleed is also called our moon time. It has always been revered as a time of deep self reflection and a call to rest. Today's women are reclaiming that.


Once I learned enough about my hormones to understand the wax and wane I undergo each month, I began to accept my dynamic self and integrate my whole being in to my understanding of me. I want all dynamic beings to feel this freedom and self-acceptance.


The books The Heroine's Journey by Maureen Murdock and In The Flo by Alisa Vitti have had a massive impact on my journey and shaped my outlook on this world of true women's empowerment through education and bodily awareness.


This is my life's work, I've felt it written for nearly a decade now. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my gifts in this way. An old soul, I've always been incredibly sensitive and empathic; growing up with a sister with severe disabilities made me very aware of what it's like to feel different or alone. I consider myself a disrupter; the status quo is not enough.


On an average day, you can find me walking around barefoot, communing with nature and being charged up by the sunlight. My physical Ancestral lineage resides in Northern Greece and Sicily, so food is actually my first language. Hence, why I enjoy sharing it!


However, I was born and raised in Rochester NY where my families settled to seek a prosperous life; my bloodline is quite entrepreneurial. Maybe you've heard of my Great, Great, Grandfather's namesake: The Garbage Plate. I love my hometown yet I'm always looking to escape to the beach especially in the cooler weather. I am passionate about herbalism, and getting closer to Mother, and all of my pursuits connect back to Her in some way.



If you're interested in talking to me one on one, join The Hormonoscope Network and we can easily private message with each other. I also offer hourly customized coaching calls, and a voice support subscription on a sliding scale.


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