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These are our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't addressed below, please drop a line.

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  • Who is Hormonoscope for?
    Hormonoscope is for anyone who wishes to learn about the female ovarian cycle, however it's designed as a group learning experience for menstruating people to get in tune with their unique bodily rhythms. The recommended age to sign up is at least 16.
  • How does a Hormonoscope subscription work?
    Every month, your subscription payment will process on your billing date. Should you wish to cancel, you can do so via the email you received when you originally signed up. It will take you to the members area where you can manage your subscription plan. Membership includes your Hormonoscope, a weekly text message plan designed to teach you how to get in sync with your cycle through the food you eat, mindset you carry, and movement you engage in (and much more)
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes you may, there is no commitment to join. Upon the expiration of your subscription, you'll stop receiving our weekly texts.
  • I'm on birth control, is this right for me?
    Know that if your natural cycle is disrupted by the presence of artificial hormones, you won't be experiencing the 4 distinct hormonal shifts AKA phases on a biological level. However, you can adopt a cyclical mindset and incorporate the healthy lifestyle content we share either in preparation for a transition off of the pill, or simply as a way to become more in tune with nature and your body despite. We have an entire course based around birth control use and how to safely transition off the pill, if you are interested in gaining access to that please email
  • I don't bleed. What does it mean to flow with the moon's phases?
    If you no longer bleed but like the idea of living cyclically, one way to begin would be to select which phase of the moon you want to represent your bleed phase (AKA winter) and then the opposite phase would represent your ovulation (AKA summer). For example, if you choose to make the full moon your bleed phase, the new moon would be your ovulatory phase. You would then lean in to the energies of each phase and the lifestyle shifts, using the moon's phases to guide your own. In Hormonoscope, you'll become more empowered with this knowledge and get text reminders on a weekly basis to help you go deeper. To learn more about linking your cycle to the moon, read about the red and white moon cycles here:


Hormonoscope is a purely informational service. Users reject or accept the information shared at their own discretion. We do not make any medical claims or diagnoses. By becoming a Hormonoscope subscriber, you acknowledge that you understand that you are not receiving medical treatment or advice from us.

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