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How To Start a Journal Practice

Previously written for The Hormonoscope private group community.

If I had to choose ONE transformational habit, it would be journaling - hands down! Journaling is an integral part of developing a relationship with yourself. It is the matter of physically seeing the progress you've made, and being able to celebrate it.

Journaling is also writing the story of your life. I plan to keep my journals as a way of looking back for a glimpse into my mind at different points of my journey. This healing stuff is no joke, and it's very helpful to have a way of documenting progress through the written word.

One last note, you may wonder if journaling in your phone's notepad is the same, it is not. There are different neural pathways activated in your brain when you are physically putting pen to paper. The act of writing unlocks different energies, beliefs, etc. because of this. I highly recommend going old-fashioned :)

You will see the abbreviation 'JP' pop up from time to time in Hormonoscope. This stands for journal prompt, and it comes with a mindful question to consider journaling on.

My recommended practice for making journaling a habit in your life is to follow these steps:

1. Pick a time of day that you consistently have time 10-15 minutes to 'take stock' of the day.

2. Begin by writing the date and what day of your cycle it is/what phase you are in. If you need a reminder on cycle tracking, check out this blog post.

3. Start writing and let it flow! See what comes up. Recognize that your journal is a private space that embodies the relationship between you and all of the archetypes that make up YOU. Be honest, open, and make it fun.

Example: "September 30th, Day 3, Menstrual Phase

Today I felt tired from the moment I woke up. The first half of the day felt sluggish. I took a walk to wake myself up, and it definitely helped. I wanted to nap during the day and didn't have time. I canceled plans with a friend because I was too tired and knew I wouldn't truly show up as my best self. She seemed to understand though, and I looked back at last month's menstrual phase and realized I felt exactly the same last month. I need to set aside this time as sacred and rest more during it."

I hope this helps inspire you to grab a piece of paper and put some of your brain thoughts down on to it.

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