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How To Use Affirmation Music & Meditation For Growth

It's said that we create our reality, and we do this through our thoughts and beliefs that subconsciously shape us and the actions we take.

For this reason, meditating with positive affirmations is a powerful tool. It gives us something to fill in the blanks when we've been trying to work on changing our thought patterns.

In Hormonoscope, we sometimes have prompts for what I call a Musical Meditation. Here's a little more on that:

"As a subscriber, you're going to see the abbreviation 'MM' pop up. This stands for Musical Meditation, and I am going to walk you through how to get started.

Some of you may have participated in a similar experience in an embodiment practice. A musical meditation is similar, it is a more bite-sized practice to a specific song. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel after one song!

Getting started...

Designate a safe space to begin your practice. Remember, it's a practice. There's no one specific way this has to look. Create a container where you can feel safe to let go.

Get on your mat or a blanket, somewhere you can be comfortable. Headphones will enhance this experience.

Put on your headphones, and before you hit play to the song, set the intention of being OK with whatever comes up or a similar intention that serves you.

Play the song and let yourself truly listen to and receive its message, flow, and emotion. Move your body if you can; you can simply roll your neck, move your hips, or lay with your eyes closed.

When the song comes to a close, take a minute to say thank you to yourself for setting aside this time for YOU. Journal your experience. What came up? What thoughts were most present? What feelings were most present? Were you surprised by how long one song can feel? Practicing this is a way we can cultivate presence. Great job taking the first step to get started."

-Originally shared as a Hormonoscope getting started resource.

Some Affirmation artists I love: Geminelle, Toni Jones, Coax Marie, Tracy G


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