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How To Know What Phase You're In

Hello friend! Are you ready to become aware of your phases?

First things first, you need to track your cycle every month! Head over to this blog post on for the details.

This is a huge step to knowing where you are in your cycle, and beginning to reclaim the POWER that comes along with what.

So, now that we're tracking our cycle and know where we are at...

Let's talk about the role that intuition plays in this process.

There are no 'hard lines' when it comes to the phases, but for our purposes in The Hormonoscope, we track each phase as a week.

We do this because:

-There are 4 moon phases and 4 menstrual phases, subsequently there are 4 weeks in a month.

-Essentially, we will all bleed with one of these moon phases, and even if your phases aren't consistent from week's beginning to end, you can still track and learn with some relevance to where you are at.

Example: If you ovulated over the weekend, and now are getting Luteal Phase text prompts from Hormonoscope, though you still feel the juicy energy of ovulation, this means you will be prompted ahead of what's coming up so you can prepare.

We recommend this timing and think it's helpful, but if you ever want your Hormonoscope switched to a different moon cycle, we are always happy to do so!

SO, back to the phases. By tuning in to what's happening in your body, you'll learn more about yourself every month. You'll be able to prepare for energy dips, or mental challenges, emerging each month a more self-assured woman!

Each phase has a distinct energy to it, and by tuning in with your body and what it needs, you'll be able to recognize these energies more and more. You can use the feelings you pick up and cycle tracking to inform where you are in your cycle.

Menstrual Phase - Characterized by a desire to rest, incubate, and dream. Best time to relax, and recharge.

Follicular Phase - Characterized by rising energy levels and a feeling of renewed hope or optimism. Best time to 'plant the seeds' of the month ahead, and set goals.